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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How are business clients and private clients defined?


    • an incorporated business
    • a partnership (including limited liability partnerships)
    • an individual who is required to complete the self-employment pages of a Tax Return and/or
    • an individual with income from Furnished Holiday Lets
    • an individual who completes the Lloyd's Underwriters pages of a Tax Return
    • an unincorporated trust as regards its trading activities
    • an unincorporated charity as regards its trading activities
    • an unincorporated non-profit organisation as regards its trading activities.



    • an individual not falling within the definition of a business client
    • a trust with no trading income
    • a charity with no trading income
    • a non-profit organisation as regards its non-trading activities.
  • I have a group of companies - what cover do I need?

    Protection needs to be arranged for each entity completing and filing a tax return exposed to enquiry or intervention. For example, a group made up of a parent company and three subsidiaries, all of which complete a tax return, would need to have cover in place for all four of them individually to be fully protected.

  • My business has annual turnover in excess of £25 million. What should I do?

    Larger businesses can still be covered within the Service, but you will need to contact us for a quotation.

  • Is the cost of the service allowable for tax?

    All VAT Registered clients can claim back the VAT element (a VAT receipt will be issued for this purpose), but regrettably the remaining cost is not allowable for income/corporation tax purposes under existing legislation.

  • Can non-resident landlords join the scheme?

    The policy will cover non-resident landlords assuming they are properly registered under the NRL Scheme and complete a UK Tax Return.

  • I am non-domiciled, is that a problem?


  • Are businesses with foreign offices, income etc. eligible for cover?

    Yes providing they complete a UK Tax Return. The scheme will only cover an enquiry/visit relating to the entities’ UK tax affairs.

  • Can non-UK residents who earn UK income and complete UK tax returns be included?

    Yes – although the scheme will only cover an enquiry relating to the individual’s UK tax affairs.

  • My business has recently incorporated. What policy(s) do I need for continuous protection?

    If you are trading as a sole trader (or partnership), have joined the scheme and subsequently incorporate to a limited company, you potentially have two separate businesses to include.


    However, there is no requirement to have two separate services running simultaneously to keep full protection in place.


    At the renewal following incorporation, you will need to upgrade to the company scheme. If you do this we will ensure protection also remains in place for the sole trader (or partnership) in run-off, until the normal enquiry window closes following submission of the final tax return, at no extra cost.


    We will also ensure the newly formed company is included between incorporation and the renewal date where the upgrade is taken.

  • What happens when I become a client or cease to be a client of Humphrey & Co?

    In order to enjoy the benefits of the service you would need to be a client of the firm at the date of any intervention by HMRC. So, for example, if you transfer your affairs to another practice, and then receive an enquiry notice a week later concerning a Tax Return we prepared for you, this would be excluded from the service.


    Equally, after you have become a client of the firm, if you receive an enquiry concerning a Tax Return submitted by our predecessors, this would be included in the Tax Investigation Service.


    Refunds on cancelled policies will be subject to an administration fee equivalent to the minimum charge on a private client policy.

  • What happens if I die?

    When a client on the Scheme passes away, if they have subscribed under their own name, the protection continues until the normal expiry date, effectively passing to the Executors who will administer any final self-assessment Tax Returns required.


    If the Executors wish to include any Trust and Estate Tax Returns, they would require a separate subscription.

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